Week 6 To Do List:

Decided tasks that each member will do for the culminating multimedia project

will set up Glogster and embed in Wiki.
will create groupings and upload group member’s content onto glog
will create Survey Monkey Sustainability Survey

edit wiki home page and create new page on wiki
creating an “interviewing a garden expert” segment to embed as a guiding resource.
will create printable garden tags

Creating a student exemplar of Marking plan (from guiding activity #3)

update citations for resources used on glog in gdoc page
Create Individual contribution list

Week 4 To Do List:

When you complete a task, please highlight the text from red to black.
Those in red still need completed.
Those in black are finished.

Full Project Sketch (due Sun)

  • Create a project sketch on Wiki

    • The Big Idea (revised using feedback from last week)
    • The Essential Question
    • The Challenge (a.k.a. the vehicle)
    • The Guiding Questions
    • The Guiding Activities (create at least one guiding activity with instructions and resources per group member) - 3 total for our group
      • Erika's activity ideas- Soil testing or Nutritional analysis activity
      • Brittany's activity ideas- Background - what is sustainable living how does it apply to farming
      • Greg's activity ideas-
    • The Guiding Resources – Create a list of resources as references and tools to support students as they engage in the guiding activities. Each of these resources should be bookmarked and shared to your Diigo group. The wiki page can simply include a link to your Diigo group.

  • Personal To Do List Reminder - does not need highlighted in red
    • Mindomo.com
      • Create activity name and update under "guiding activities" bubble (note: hyperlink only takes you to a published google doc - you cannot edit from there and must edit via docs.google.com
      • Update Guiding Resources for appropriate activity number
    • Google Calendar - update your weekly availability/unavailability
    • Google Docs
      • Lesson Plans - in google docs everyone has their own document titled "YOURNAME - Activity # Lesson Plans"
        • create lesson plans as you see fit for your activity
        • add any handouts to the end of the google doc
        • note: this should update automatically/real-time on wiki and mindomo both open for public viewing - they do not need edited on mindomo or wiki
      • Annotated Bib
        • add any guiding resources or diigo bookmarks to the annotated bib on google docs and annotate
        • Erika has only agreed to annotate the following 4 to catch us up: anything you add after this is your responsibility to annotate
          Boss, S., & Krauss, J. (2007). Reinventing project based learning: Your field guide to real-world projects in the digital age. Washington, D.C.: International Society for Technology in Education.
          Davis, V. & Lindsay, J. (2007). Flat Classrooms. Learning and Leading with Technology, August, 28-35.
          PBL-Online. Designing Your Project. Retrieved from http://www.pbl-online.org/pathway2.html.

          Pink, D. H. (2006). A Whole New Mind. New York: Penguin Group
  • I was just looking at the wiki and I don't want any points taken off - however the artifacts and research link is still blank this week. So on top of the other things to do for this class would it be too much to ask if everyone could upload one video on there pertaining to their activity in general?
    • Wiki Page - Artifact and Resource Page
      • Add one video pertaining to your activity

Week 3 To Do List:

When you complete a task, please highlight the text from red to black.
Those in red still need completed.
Those in black are finished.

Proposal Form (google doc) due Thursday
Group Members/ Group Number
Course Number
The Big Idea
The Essential Question
The Challenge

Digital Management/Organization Tools due Sunday
  • Create a Wiki
    • Share Artifacts
    • Use threaded discussion board - Brittany - Erika - Greg
    • Post a link to Diigo Group
  • Create a shared Google Calendar
    • Embed on Wiki
    • Post group benchmarks and due dates
  • Create a flow chart or mind map to plan the product
    • embed on wiki
  • Maintain and annotated bibliography on Google docs
    • link to wiki
  • Use synchronous collaboration tools
    • Post weekly unavailability on Google Calendar - Brittany - Erika - Greg